An inactive but still healthy body?

If I have a whole day free to do what ever I want I often choose to sit with my laptop and work on my hobby projects. To the best of my knowledge the decision to do this comes from my self (the wisdom-part of my inner system). […]

Extreme firefighters

[This post is a work in progress] There are different newer forms of psychoterapy that refers to the mind or psyche as comprised of multiple parts. Historically C.G. Jungs model of the psyche allready included this multiplicity and refered to the parts as archetypes. Today the most famous […]

Mindful at work

Being “mindful” is about focusing on the present. You get more flow and happiness from your pursuits if you can stay focused. Most people who meditate or undertake training in mindfulness appreciate the benefits. It is however my experience that we keep forgetting to be mindful when we […]

Nature is the art of God

[This post is a work in progress]