Mindful at work

Being “mindful” is about focusing on the present. You get more flow and happiness from your pursuits if you can stay focused. Most people who meditate or undertake training in mindfulness appreciate the benefits. It is however my experience that we keep forgetting to be mindful when we work! Especially sitting behind your computer you forget to be mindful. You forget to breath and you concentrate too long and too hard for your own good. Next thing your brains energy level drops and you need to take your mind completely off the problem at hand. Soon your brain calls you to switch your attention to something that matches your lower energy state. If you are not careful this state will actually just substitute one type of stress with another, because you just switch to reading news or social media content or some other non-mindful pursuit. This is the result of trying to get your mind of the work that makes you unhappy. One of the purpose of Easepod is to keep you in a mindful state so your energy level won’t drop.

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