An inactive but still healthy body?

If I have a whole day free to do what ever I want I often choose to sit with my laptop and work on my hobby projects. To the best of my knowledge the decision to do this comes from my self (the wisdom-part of my inner system).

The dilemma I am facing is that I am aware that I should be more mindful of my body. I “ought” to do some physical activity like take a bike ride or go for a swim. Still something wise in me seems to want me to sit still and stare into a laptop screen.

Could it be that that wisdom in me do not see any contradiction? That it is actually possible to be doing good things for your body while sitting still?

In our western culture I feel we have a deep conviction that we can only attend to our body by doing physical exercises. But I have often wondered why it is that the original yogis of India or the tibetan munks never advised people to be doing physical exercises that trains your physical fitness.

Through meditation and visualization I have found that you can actually access the full potential of your physical body. What early brought me into this line of thinking was when I as a ski runner was told that experiments with downhill skiers had shown that they could generate the same heat in their muscles by doing visualizations as when they did actual physical downhill skiing.

So you can actually access physiological processes via thinking. But how about using that connection when your mind is attending other important matters that is not related to your body? I have thought a lot about that since I am doing my living as a software consultant.

When in a short period of time I was experiencing two very stressing incidents involving my children I tried out the techniques of healing trauma through trembling. And suddenly it dawned on me: You can actually counter the adverse effects of sitting still if you allow your body to tremble when you sit down.

I would call this technique “Body awareness through trembling” and after trying this daily for a week I can now say that it works wonders to both my otherwise stiff hip, aching back and also my mood after a long day working is comparably better.

I do however experience a downside: You get embarisingly aware that people may consider trembling a sign of bad nerves. This I think calls for an awareness that people that tremble in public actually might be just increasing their health and well being. Happy trembling!

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